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  • Pollution: Air pollution / air quality, Climate changeDrinking water contaminationPlastic pollutionAcid rain

  • Habitat destruction/extinction: Deforestation, Rainforests, Endangered species, Over hunting, Overfishing, Invasive species, Ocean acidification, Urban/suburban sprawl

  • Resources: World water crisis, Running out of nonrenewable resources, Sustainable building supplies


For this research project you need to use and cite 3 different resources:

Choices include Databases:

1) EBSCO: ID 03110

                  PW: Bedford603! 

2) Britannica: lurgio 


3) ABC-CLIO: Understanding Controversy and Society

*Username: lurgio  *Password: lurgio


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Middle Search Plus Database: (Full text middle school magazine articles)

ID: lurgio

PW:  @03110

Reliable and Authoritative Websites


Plastic Pollution

Sample MLA Works Cited Page

See Example HERE

Works Cited Document: SET THIS UP FIRST

  •    Title the document: (Industrial Revolution Invention)
  •    Times New Roman,   12 font,   Double Spaced

All Citations: 

  •    ABC order
  •    Every line AFTER the first is indented.
  •    (Return - Tab:  to indent any line after the 1st)


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31 March 2017

Works Cited

"A Brief History of Typewriters." A Brief History of Typewriters. N.p., n.d. Web.

     29 Feb. 2017. <>.

"Christopher Latham Sholes." World of Invention. Gale, 2006. 

     Biography in Context. Web. 29 Feb. 2017.



Cite Your Sources

Use this citation generator to create your MLA style citations for your sources.

Why Cite?

Give Credit to the Author or Creator

  • So you can get back to you source
  • Avoid Plagiarism
  • Stay Organized
  • EVALUATE Websites using this RADCAB method

Cite as you go!

Reliable Websites

TIP:  To find authoritative and reliable websites on Plastic Pollution:

In the Google search bar type: Plastic Pollution Plastic Pollution

Cite these websites using: Citation Maker


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