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Human Impact Research Project: Home

Possible Topics

Chose a topic that interests you:

  • Pollution: Air pollution / air quality, Climate changeDrinking water contaminationPlastic pollutionAcid rain

  • Habitat destruction/extinction: Deforestation, Rainforests, Endangered species, Over hunting, Overfishing, Invasive species, Ocean acidification, Urban/suburban sprawl

  • Resources: World water crisis, Running out of nonrenewable resources, Sustainable building supplies

School Databases


*Username: lurgio  *Password: lurgio

ABC-CLIO: Understanding Controversy and Society

*Username: lurgio  *Password: lurgio

EBSCO  login info: 

*Username: lurgio  *Password: @03110

Choose Student Resources in upper left hand corner 

Select All Databases:

Gale In Context: Science

*Username: lurgio  *Password: lurgio

Find Copyright Safe Images Below

  1. Britannica ImageQuest  (These images are cited for you)
  2. Google Images    (Under Tools select: "Labeled for reuse")    

Databases have citations already created for you! Look for the following icons to find the citation:


Guiding Questions

  • What is __________________________?
  • What are the causes of __________________________ ?

  • How does __________________________ affect the environment?

  • How does __________________________ affect humans?

  • How can we fix or improve __________________________?


For this research project you need to use and cite AT LEAST 3 different articles.

1 Fact per notecard.

A minimum of 3 facts per guiding question.

Every notecard needs its own citation. 

Find reputable articles with completed citations in Databases.

Plastic Pollution

Example of Citations

Works Cited

“Acid Rain.” Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, Feb. 2020, p. 1. EBSCOhost, 


Barnhill, John H. "Overfishing." Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society, ABC-CLIO, 

               2020, Accessed 24 Sept. 2020.




Cite Your Sources

Use this citation generator to create your MLA style citations for your websites and books. (Databases already have citations available for you in the articles.)

Why Cite?

Give Credit to the Author or Creator

  • So you can get back to you source
  • Avoid Plagiarism
  • Stay Organized

Cite as you go!

Reliable Websites

TIP:  To find authoritative and reliable websites on Human Impact Issues you can trust websites ending in .edu, .gov.

TIP: In the Google search bar type:

EX: deforestation (your topic)


National (Type keyword into the search box and select 7th and 8th grade Articles)

Cite these websites using: Citation Maker




Relevant?  Is this information applicable to my research question?

Accurate? Is this information correct? Is the same content written on another book, database, or website?

Detail? How much detail do I need?

Current?  Is this information up to date?

Authority? Who is the author of this information?  What are their qualifications?

Bias?  Why did the author write this information? Is is intended to inform me? Persuade me or sell me something?


Christensson, Karen M. "RADCAB Your Vehicle for Information Evaluation." Karen M. Christensson, 9 Mar. 2020,