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Remote Learning Resources: Art

These sites can be accessed during our time of digital learning. Authors, publishers, museums, and companies have given permission and access to use these links for remote learning.

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If you’re looking for a fun, creative way to add some Disney magic to your day, we’re sharing something special – a complete series of how-to tutorials on drawing Mickey Mouse through the years.  

Disney cast member Stephen Ketchum has been drawing Mickey at Disney Parks for years and has expert tips for artists of all skill levels. While the parks remain temporarily closed, we’ve combined Stephen’s best Mickey tutorials and the collection includes learning to draw a vintage 1920’s Mickey as well as lessons on creating more contemporary and whimsical “pied-eyed” versions you’ll want to show your friends and family. 


Learn how to draw Mickey Mouse HERE. Video #1 shows how he would have been drawn in the 1920s.

Learn how to draw a more current or contemporary Mickey Mouse HERE. Video #2 shows how just adding a few shapes changes Mickey's look.

Learn how to draw Mickey Mouse with a "pied-eyed" look HERE. Video #3 shows 



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