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Print Books

The books shown below are just a sampling of some of the print resources we have available. The books shown below are also available electronically.


Once you are logged in, scroll down and on the right-hand side you will find the aqua "Health" widget. You will be able to select from the following title:

Healthy Eating by Jane Sieving Pelkki.

This eBook & video does not include a citation.

This eBook is cited just like a book in print including the eBook's URL.

The MIS Library has a print copy of this title that Scholastic TrueFlix has in eBook form. 


This resource has the same Username (ID) and Password as the other library databases. See the Library Staff for this.

This resource cites the information for you.


Britannica Image Quest - Cites it

This is a great resource for art, clip art, images, and maps.

Discovery Education

Click on the link or the image below to log in and access Discovery Education. After logging in you will be able use Board Builder. 

Discovery Education

ChopChop Kids Club Newsletter Volume 1

MyPlate Dietary Guidelines

MyPlate, dietary guidelines. Photograph. Britannica ImageQuest, 
    Encyclopædia Britannica, 25 May 2016. 
    Accessed 27 Jan 2017.

Sandwich and Ingredients

Sandwich and ingredients. Photography. Britannica ImageQuest, 
    Encyclopædia     Britannica, 25 May 2016. 
    Accessed 27 Jan 2017.

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Mallory Pemberton

Mrs. Mitchell

FACS Rotation 7

11 May 2020

Works Cited


Pelkki, Jane Sieving. "Making Healthy Choices." Healthy Eating. Children's Press,


Petrie, Kristin. "Balanced Foods." Food and Energy: Striking a Healthy Balance. 

    ABDO Publishing Co., 2012.

Petrie, Kristin. "Balanced Foods." Food and Energy: Striking a Healthy Balance. 

    ABDO Publishing Co., 2012.

     ABDO Digital



Lightbox Book


We have each of the following titles in both print and Abdo Digital eBook. Click on the title links below to access the books below electronically. You will need to log in using the username and password that is consistent for all of the Library databases. Please give the book(s) a moment to load.

Food and Energy: Striking a Healthy Balance by Kristin Petrie

Food Safety: Avoiding Hidden Dangers by Kristin Petrie

Food As Fuel: Nutrition for Athletes by Kristin Petrie

Food Buzz: Nutrition in the News by Kristin Petrie

Food Culture: Celebrating Diverse Traditions by Kristin Petrie

Food Options: Following Special Diets by Kristin Petrie

eBook(s) Makin Via

Oregon School Library Information System


Oregon School Library Information System


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The Fun Cooking Magazine For Families

Be sure to check out the fun cooking magazine for kids at the MIS Library titled Chop Chop! This is a great magazine that can be checked out. It is filled with recipes you can make at home.

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