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School Subscription Databases

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Britannica School Middle - Cites it


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Britannica Image Quest - Cites it

This is a great resource for art, clip art, images, and maps.

Discovery Education

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Discovery Education

Print Books

The books shown below are just a sampling of some of the print resources we have available.

The Story of Classical Music by Darren Henley- Sound/Audiobook

Classical Music Mashup

Woolard, Grant. Classical Musical Mashup. YouTube, 12 Jan. 2016, Accessed 1 Sept. 2017.

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1 Sept. 2017

Works Cited

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Baroque Time Period 1600-1750

Johann Sebastian Bach

George Frideric Handle

Antonio Vivaldi

Claudio Montererdi

Jean Baptiste Lully

Classical Time Period 1750-1827

Ludwig van Beethoven

Franz Joseph Haydn

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Niccolo Paganini

Romantic Time Period 1827-1900

Frederic Chopin

Johannes Brahms

Peter Tchaikovsky

Franz Liszt

Modest Mussorgsky

Giuseppe Verdi

John Philips Sousa

Rimsky Korsakov

Gustav Holst

Robert Schumann

Clara Schumann

Franz Schubert

20th Century/Modern Time Period 1900-Present

Leonard Bernstein

George Gershwin

Scott Joplin

Aaron Copeland

Charles Ives

Amy Beach

Benjamin Britten

Joan Tower

Jennifer Higdon

Maurice Ravel

Paul Hindemith

John Williams

John Cage

Stephen Foster