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Global Studies : African Imperialism

Global Studies is a team-taught, interdisciplinary course focused on the literature, histories, governments, geography, and cultures of the world including Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.

Required Reading

Kingdoms of Africa

  • Aksum
    A brief overview of ancient Aksum (Axum) with links provided by Unesco.
  • Ancient Egypt
    A scholarly website from the BBC about the history of Egypt.
  • Asante Empire
    A brief article with sources.
  • Benin Empire
    In-depth discussion of the Empire of Benin with a focus on art.
  • Ghana, Mali and Songhai Empires
    An overview of the three empires fro the Croydon Supplementary Education Project.
  • Great Zimbabwe Empire
    A brief article from the Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia.
  • Hausa States
    Overview from
  • Kanem-Bornu
    A brief article with citations from
  • Kingdom of Ghana
    A website from the Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia.
  • Kongo Kingdom
    Written by John Henrik Clarke, hosted by the Federation of the Free States of Africa.
  • Mali Empire
    A brief overview from the Virginia Department of Education.
  • Nok
    A website produced by the Jaba Local Government in Nigeria.
  • Nubia
    A website by author Ibrahim Omer documented with an extensive bibliography.
  • Songhai Empire
  • Wolof Empire
    An overview from
  • Zagwe (Zague) Dynasty
    A brief article from Encyclopedia Britannica about the Zagwe Dynasty.

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Positives & Negatives

Social Impact
More religious mission opportunities for Christianity
Europe spread education to Africa
Africans learned more about their land and culture
Europeans defended Africans against their enemy
Some Africans felt safer
Europeans brought technology to Africans (Weapons, Tools, Medicines, Farming)
Africans felt siding with Europeans made them more powerful
Many Africans learned English
Made the world aware of Africa, did not seem as "forbidden"
Belgian overseers
A lot of Africans were taken advantage of 
Took away traditions
Diluted culture
It destroyed their way of life
Animistic religions were gone
Took away language
European foods introduced
Made them dress as Europeans
Slavery tore families apart
Economic Impact
Tribal groups that sided with Europeans made money
Africans obtained new goods (Weapons, Tools, Household goods)
Created more African jobs
More money involved instead of trading one object for another
Learned new trade practices
Europe took resources (Diamonds, Gold, Ivory, Palm oil, Rubber)
Africans forced into labor
Africans didn't have an opportunity to learn how to use their resources
Europeans took land so Africans couldn't sell it
African farmers had their source of money taken away
Political Impact
Learned about new governments
Gained organized countries
Made tribes get along
Ultimately led to independence
Sights of democracy built confidence
Wrote treaties for cooperation among tribes
Tribes were split
Only Europeans lead
No opportunity to lead
Europeans made Africans NEED independence

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