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Roots of Thought: Scientific Revolution

Roots of Thought is a team-taught, interdisciplinary course focused on the political, economic, scientific, religious, and artistic origins of cultures around the world.

Reliable Websites


Brief Biography from Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Galileo Project (Rice University)

  • Containing biography, images, and information about his life, his family and the world during his lifetime.

Galileo Museo in Florence

  • Biographical information as well as images, writings, astronomical tool info, and geographic landmarks important in his life.

The Starry Messenger, 1610 (Sidereus Nuncius) - excerpt (primary source)
Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems (primary source)

  • This work, published in 1632, follows a fictional conversation between three different men discussing the nature of the earth and celestial bodies and their movements. Galileo used this dialogue to explain his findings. The following year, the Church tried and found him guilty of heresy.

Galileo's Indictment and Sentencing, 1633 (primary source)
The Trial of Galileo, 1633 (primary sources and interpretation)

  • This details the events leading up to and during the trial that Galileo underwent immediately following distribution of his book "Dialogue Concerning Two World Systems" which the Catholic Church deemed heretical.

PBS Documentary about Galileo and the Church

  • Two-hour movie detailing the struggle that Galileo had in getting the Church to accept his new and extraordinary ideas. Viewable entirely online.

The Starry Messenger overview
Starry Messenger Translation by William Shea (Into and Preface)
The Starry Messenger digitized, broswable original copy
The Great Debate

  • Scholarly essay about Locke's Concerning Human Understanding