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Roots of Thought: Renaissance

Roots of Thought is a team-taught, interdisciplinary course focused on the political, economic, scientific, religious, and artistic origins of cultures around the world.

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Shakespearean dating tips

Insults by Shakespeare

John Green Crash Course

Web Resources

  • 60 Minutes with Shakespeare
    Podcasts feature 60 experts that discuss a different theme each month, such as "Was Shakespeare a Fraud?"
    Set up a free account to listen to the podcasts.
    Transcripts of podcasts can be downloaded. Podcasts are changed monthly and are not archived.
  • Shakespeare Unlocked
    Shakespeare’s most popular and widely studied plays are unlocked by actors and directors at the Royal Shakespeare Company. View movie clips on this BBC website.
  • Shakespeare Behind Bars: The Tempest
    A Kentucky state prison casts prisoners in Shakespeare plays. This program hopes to aid prisoners as they come to grips with their violent past and a path to forgiveness and reparation.
  • Henry VIII Music Video
    History teachers set history to lyrics of pop tunes. In this Abba song, learn more about Queen Elizabeth's father, Henry VIII.
  • Renaissance Man Music Video
    History teachers set history to lyrics of pop tunes. Learn more about Renaissance men to the music of "Blister in the Sun."