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Roots of Thought: Ancient Greece

Roots of Thought is a team-taught, interdisciplinary course focused on the political, economic, scientific, religious, and artistic origins of cultures around the world.

Primary vs. Secondary Sources and Evaluating Websites

Primary vs. Secondary Sources video created by Vermont Tech and Community College of Vermont describes how to identify and use these sources to enhance research.

Determining Website Credibility

This animated video produced by xtranormal discusses how to evaluate a website for credibility and possible bias.

To limit a Google search to a particular type of site such as educational (.edu) or government (.gov) or nonprofit organization (.org),
use the following example: ancient greek mythology

Google Scholar Search

Web Resources

  • Ancient Greeks: The Greek World
    Become a Greek hero as you go on an adventure in Ancient Greece. Learn all about the world of Ancient Greece as you explore this web site from BBC Schools. See what it was like to grow up as a Greek child and find out what their home life was like. Visit the city of Athens and learn about a new system of government developed there. There is information about the beginning of the Olympic Games, Greek gods and heroes, Sparta, art and theater and seas and ships

  • A History of Ancient Greece  
    Sparta was one of the most powerful city-states in ancient Greece, and you will learn about it on this web site. Sparta prided itself on its valiant men, who "served their city in the place of walls and bricks." Unlike its rival Athens with its beautiful temples, statues, poetry, and philosophy, Sparta devoted itself to training "vigorous iron-hearted warriors." You will learn about the rigorous training that the boys underwent in order to develop their shrewdness and discipline.
  • Greece
    Modern culture and civilization has taken a great deal from the ancient Greeks. Explore their history through the use of archeological findings and artworks. The Greek people are discussed, including their leaders, heroes, and athletes. Discover the Greek mythology which tells the stories of their gods and goddesses and learn about the daily life of the people of ancient Greece. The Phoenician alphabet that the Greeks used for writing is shown and the architecture of the period is included.
  • BBC History: Greeks
    Site offers background information on Ancient Greece with focus on the Olympics, Athens and democracy, other Greek cultures, and legends.

  • The Ancient Greek World
    University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology


Gods & Godesses

Watch the video titled Greek Mythology: Gods and Goddesses for an introduction to Greek gods, goddesses, myths, and culture.

Citation Guide

Easy Bib

Use this tool to complete Works Cited/Bibliography

Interactive Resources

The Odyssey vs. Oh Brother Where Art Thou